Refer a Test Drive and Earn Tesla Credits

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Tesla has introduced a new feature in its Referral Program that allows individuals to earn credits without requiring the referred person to buy a car. They have added "Demo Drives", where non-Tesla owners can earn credits by taking a test drive using a referral code. Each test drive at a showroom using your code qualifies you for 100 credits. This move is aimed at encouraging people to experience driving an electric vehicle (EV) firsthand, as Tesla believes that the unique experience of driving a Tesla can inspire interest in purchasing one in the future. As of now, this Demo Drive offer is exclusive to the U.S. Tesla owners, and it is not yet known if it will be extended to other markets such as Europe, Asia, or Australia where the Referral Program is already active. The Referral Program has been in place for years and has previously incentivized people to promote Tesla's vehicles and Energy products through various rewards such as discounts, Supercharging miles, and Full Self-Driving features.

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