IRS Extends Tax Credit Eligibility, Cybertruck Nears Products and Enchanced Occupant Detection Features

IRS extends Model 3 RWD Tax Credit Eligibility 

The Tesla Model 3 RWD was expected to lose its $7,500 EV tax credit on March 31st, but the IRS has extended the eligibility until April 18th, 2023. New guidelines have been released that require at least 50% of an EV's battery components to be produced and assembled in the US or a free trade country, and at least 40% of battery minerals to be sourced from the US or a free trade country, increasing to 50% by 2024. The Model 3 RWD battery pack, produced in China, doesn't meet the new battery sourcing guidelines, thus the credit ending in April. However, the Performance variant with domestically produced battery packs is still eligible for the full tax credit for the foreseeable future. The current price of the Model 3 RWD without the tax credit is $42,990, but ordering one before April 18th would reduce that price to just over $35,000.


Cybertruck Nears Production   

Tesla's CEO Elon Musk recently took to Twitter to share some exciting news regarding the imminent release of the company's groundbreaking all-electric pickup truck, the Cybertruck. Musk expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating that the Cybertruck is "gonna be awesome" and that it "feels like the future." He spent hours walking the Cybertruck production line in Texas, suggesting that the assembly line is almost ready for mass production. This announcement aligns with Tesla's previously stated plan to commence limited production of the Cybertruck this summer, with a more significant ramp-up in 2024. Additionally, The Cybertruck was spotted on Tesla's test track in Fremont, further confirming the progress made. The all-electric pickup truck is expected to feature an adaptive air suspension system, rear-wheel steering, and four-wheel drive capabilities. With these exciting developments, Tesla enthusiasts eagerly await the imminent release of the Cybertruck.


Tesla Adds Hidden “User Manual” App in Latest Software Update 

Tesla has added a new app called the Tesla User Manual App in its latest software update, 2023.6.8. The app has two sections: "Get to Know Your Tesla" and "Owner's Manual". The former offers an interactive guide to help Tesla owners become familiar with their vehicle's features, while the latter provides detailed information on every aspect of the car. The app was discovered by a Reddit user and was not listed in the official release notes, leading to speculation that it was meant to be a surprise feature for Tesla owners. The app has been praised for its innovative and user-friendly design, especially to new users. Additionally, Tesla has updated its owner's manual with new recommendations on weight limits for items in the frunk and trunk.


Model 3 Long Range Returning to Market?

Tesla's Model 3 Long Range production was halted last year due to an enormous backlog of orders. This left only the base model 3 and much more expensive performance version available for purchase. However, recent developments suggest that Tesla might soon start accepting orders for the Long Range Model 3 again, as the price has appeared on a Tesla support page alongside other current pricing for Tesla models. This halt in production was due to a sharp increase in demand for electric cars, but Musk promised once production increased and demand cooled, the Long Range model would return to market, and this latest update shows the return of the popular Model 3 Long Range may be imminent.


Tesla to Enhance Occupant Detection Features

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has promised to improve the safety features of Tesla's electric vehicles after a customer shared concerns about leaving her children in the car. Musk acknowledged the current system's shortcomings and promised to enhance occupant detection and maintain the cabin's comfort levels. Tesla vehicles are designed to keep the cabin within a safe temperature range, even when the car is "off," to protect infants and pets, but this feature can be turned off to save battery life. Musk has pledged to make the necessary changes to detect occupants and keep the car "on" for entertainment and comfort. The new safety feature will likely be implemented through Tesla’s next software update.

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