Project Highland Initial Production Nears, Tesla to Enhance Driver Monitoring Capabilities, Referral Program and Cybertruck Raffle, and Vehicle Lineup Additions and Updates

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Project Highland Initial Production Nears 

Tesla is set to begin production of the highly anticipated Model 3 Highland refresh in June, according to sources. Recent rumors about the production start date were sparked by a tweet stating that Tesla's Shanghai factory would implement a no-cell-phone policy in the workshop starting June 1st, leading to speculation that the Model 3 Highland would enter trial production on that date. Sources have now confirmed the June production plans and revealed that the new Model 3 Long Range model, which was reintroduced back into the lineup recently, will be part of Project Highland. The Model 3 Highland refresh features significant updates, including new headlights, the removal of fog lights, additional cameras, improved GPS accuracy, and interior enhancements such as a fabric finish replacing the current wood trim. Although the rumored production start is exciting, it’s important to keep in mind that various factors, including supply chain challenges, software setbacks, and retooling delays, could potentially affect the date.


Tesla to Enhance Driver Monitoring Capabilities  

Tesla is planning a major upgrade to its driver monitoring system to improve road safety and enhance its Full Self-Driving (FSD) capabilities. The upgrade, as revealed by a Tesla hacker on Twitter, involves advanced features that go beyond traditional driving metrics. The upcoming driver monitoring system will utilize machine learning and sensor technology to gather extensive data on driver behavior, even when the vehicle is not on Autopilot. It will assess various factors, including lane keeping performance and the driver's ability to center the car. Additionally, the system will monitor physical cues such as yawning, prolonged blinking, and leaning to detect signs of fatigue or distraction. By alerting drivers to these signs, the system aims to prevent accidents caused by impaired driving. The data collected through this monitoring system could also support Tesla's Full Self-Driving capabilities. By demonstrating the prevalence of tired or impaired drivers, Tesla can advocate for advanced autonomous driving technology. However, the enhanced driver monitoring system raises concerns about privacy. As more personal data is collected, the need for strict data protection measures becomes crucial. Striking a balance between leveraging technology for safety and preserving individual privacy will be crucial as such technologies continue to evolve.


Referral Program and Cybertruck Raffle 

Tesla has reintroduced its referral program in the United States and Canada, providing customers with rewards and the opportunity to win the highly anticipated Cybertruck. By referring a customer who purchases a Model S or Model X, individuals can earn 3,500 credits, while a referral for a Model 3 or Model Y results in 2,000 credits. Existing owners who purchase another Model S or Model X receive 6,000 loyalty credits, and those who purchase a Model 3 or Model Y earn 3,000 credits. One of the program's main attractions is the Cybertruck raffle, where customers can enter by using 500 credits for a chance to win an early production model. Additionally, the referral program allows credits to be redeemed for free Supercharging, Tesla merchandise, accessories, and software upgrades. Tesla's objective with the referral program and Cybertruck raffle is to foster a sense of community among its customers and expedite the adoption of sustainable energy. They have also initiated an Earth Day Photo Contest to further encourage owners to submit their favorite vehicle photos, with the announcement of winners to follow at a later date.


Vehicle Lineup Additions and Updates

At Tesla's shareholder meeting this week in Austin, Texas, the company revealed important updates on future products. First touching on the Cybertruck, Musk highlighted the challenges and breakthroughs in production, emphasizing the vehicle's unique stainless-steel exoskeleton. Tesla successfully overcame obstacles and adhered to the original design intent, implementing new manufacturing techniques for the exoskeleton-based vehicle. Additionally, the Cybertruck will have multiple attachment points to accommodate third-party accessories. It was also revealed that Tesla aims to deliver its first Cybertrucks within the year, with an annual delivery target of 250,000 to 500,000 units. Also, the highly anticipated return of the Tesla Roadster is scheduled for 2024. Musk also provided a glimpse of two new upcoming Tesla models during the meeting. One of these vehicles appears to be a compact hatchback resembling the Model Y, although no further details were disclosed. However, Musk suggested that the combined production of both models would exceed 5 million units per year.

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