Model Y Steering Wheel Issues, New Paint Option, FSD 11.3.1 Release and Cybertruck Updates

Model Y Steering Wheel Issues 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has announced an investigation into the Tesla Model Y due to two incidents where the steering wheels detached from the steering column while in use. The agency has been in contact with Tesla and found that both affected vehicles had undergone an end-of-line production repair that required the removal and reinstallation of the steering wheel. The agency is working with Tesla to determine the extent of the issue and whether it requires a safety recall.


New Red Coat Paint Option for Model S and X   

Tesla has launched a new paint color option, "Ultra Red," for Model S and Model X vehicles at its Fremont factory, which replaces the previous Red Multi-Coat option. The new color is similar to the exclusive Midnight Cherry Red available only at Giga Berlin but slightly lighter. The Model 3 and Model Y still offer the Red Multi-Coat color in North America, but it's possible the new color could expand to these models in the future as well. The new Ultra Red paint color costs $3,000 USD, $1000 more than its previous $2000 red Multi-Coat option. Tesla now offers three different red coats across its vehicle lineup, so it’s very plausible they may consolidate the paint options in the future, given its focus on efficient manufacturing at scale.


FSD 11.3.1 Wide Release Rollout  

Elon Musk announced on Twitter Tuesday night that the company is ready to expand the FSD Beta version to more owners over the upcoming weekend. Despite initial plans to distribute the wide release as version 11.3.2, it seems that Tesla has received positive feedback for version 11.3.1 and will use that version for the expansion. This version was initially released exclusively to employees and later to the original 1,000 beta testers, but now more than 350,000 owners will receive the update and have access to FSD Beta. Check out last week's newsletter for more information about the updates and improvements included in version 11.3.1.


Cybertruck Updates

At Tesla's Investor Day, a shareholder had the opportunity to speak with senior executives and delve deeper into the highly anticipated Cybertruck. The electric pickup will come in two versions as opposed to the previously mentioned three, with the base model having a dual-motor and the high-end performance model having a tri-motor powertrain, both with rear-wheel steering. Although rumors suggest the pre-production beta displayed at the event is about 5% smaller than the 2019 prototype, it still boasts more usable space than the Ford F-150 Raptor, although its size reduction means it can now only accommodate five passengers instead of six. Tesla's largest interior screen display ever, 18.5 inches diagonally, will be present in the Cybertruck, and its steering wheel will feature a combination of a typical round shape with the distinctive yoke design found on the Model S and Model X trims. In addition, the vehicle will have highly advanced air suspension, 18-inch wheels, and standard all-terrain and all-season tire options. However, the vehicle's immense size means there are currently no plans at this time to release it in Europe. The Cybertruck has already generated significant interest, accumulating millions of pre-orders, and is expected to disrupt the pickup truck market with its unparalleled design and impressive features.

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