New Tesla App Update Includes Phone Key Improvement

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The release notes for Tesla App Update 4.23.5 have surfaced and below are some key improvements:

Future Phone Key Improvements: Tesla plans to enhance the phone key functionality by introducing support for Ultra-Wideband communication. Ultra-Wideband consumes minimal energy for short-range communication and offers more precise location tracking compared to Bluetooth. This upgrade could lead to improved reliability and functionality of Tesla's phone key.

Referral History Tab: The latest update introduces a dedicated tab for viewing your Tesla referral history. Simply tap the referral box on the top-right corner of the app and select the History tab to access this information. Previously, you had to navigate through the Earn tab.

Third-Party Services: A link to manage third-party apps has been included in the Security and Privacy section of the app. With this enhancement, customers can securely control which third-party services can access their vehicle data through the Tesla API. It is important to note that these third-party services are separate from the apps in your Tesla vehicle. 

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