The Cybertruck has Arrived, New Tesla App Update Introduces Apple Airplay, Model 3 Federal Tax Credit to End Soon, and Latest Software Update Adds New Arcade Game and More

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The Cybertruck has Arrived  

The first of many Tesla Cybertruck’s has finally been produced at Gigafactory Texas over the weekend, announced by Tesla's official Twitter account. The highly touted and long awaited all-electric pickup truck marks a significant milestone for the company. Tesla's Cybertruck faced notable production delays, partly due to its innovative and unprecedented design. However, despite the setbacks, CEO Elon Musk and Design Chief Franz von Holzhausen have expressed confidence that the wait will be worthwhile. The demand for the Cybertruck is substantial, with approximately 1.7 million pre-orders, suggesting that Tesla will be occupied fulfilling orders for years to come. Several specifications revealed during the unveiling are expected to make it into the production version, including a towing rating ranging from 7,500 to 14,000 pounds, and an impressive acceleration, with the top-tier variant boasting a 0-60 mph time of 2.9 seconds. New features were noted as well, including a black truck bed, ventilated seats, and the absence of door handles suggests a button-operated door opening mechanism.


New Tesla App Update Introduces Apple Airplay  

The latest release of the Tesla App, version 4.23, has introduced some notable changes and improvements. One of the key additions is support for the long awaited Apple AirPlay technology, allowing users to stream audio and possibly video content from their Apple devices to their Tesla vehicles. Moreover, the Tesla app now allows users to manage their Wall Connector's schedule directly from the app itself. This means that users no longer need to connect to the Wall Connector itself to make scheduling changes or modify other Wall Connector options. Additionally, the Reset Tesla Profile screen has undergone a UI update, now providing a description of the Tesla Profile's functions. Users can reset their Tesla Profile to resolve issues with settings not being saved or recalled correctly. It's important to note that resetting the profile will not erase the preferences stored in the vehicle but will delete the remotely stored version of the preferences. The latest release also includes various minor fixes and improvements to enhance the overall user experience such as a new app icon, featuring a lighter shade of red and a smaller Tesla logo.


Model 3 Federal Tax Credit to End Soon 

Customers who purchase a new Tesla vehicle and meet federal requirements are currently eligible for a tax credit of $7,500 under the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). However, Tesla has recently updated the Model 3 landing page to inform customers about a future reduction in the federal tax credit, stating these reductions will take effect starting December 31, 2023. As of now, only the Model 3 among Tesla's lineup carries a warning about the tax credit reduction, while the model Y does not. The reason for the potential loss of the full IRA incentive for the Model 3 is not specified by Tesla but it's worth noting that the Rear Wheel Drive version of the Model 3, which uses lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cells from China-based battery supplier CATL, might play a role. If the IRA's regulations become stricter, this LFP battery could make the Model 3 RWD ineligible for the full tax credit. Customers in the market for a new Model 3 are encouraged to do so before the end of the year to qualify for the full $7500 tax credit.


Latest Software Update Adds New Arcade Game and More

Software Update 2023.26.1 Release Notes have surfaced and include several new features and improvements for your vehicles. Users can now set their touchscreen to adjust to warmer colors at night to reduce blue light. Additionally, a new Tesla Arcade game called "Vampire Survivors" is available in the App Launcher, where players must defend against night creatures until dawn. The Media Player has been updated, separating Recents & Favorites into separate tabs. The sliders for volume, temperature, and charge limit have been improved for more precise adjustments. Sentry Mode now records attempts to open doors or the trunk while the vehicle is locked. The new Manual app allows quicker access to the Owner's Manual and Release Notes, offering information on various topics, including regenerative braking, phone key usage and maximizing range. Lastly, Automatic Navigation provides more detailed information about the destination.

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