Allwetter-Fußmatten für Tesla Model 3 & Y

First-class protection for your Tesla's interior. Proleep All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y, keep your car's interior mud-free and in pristine condition. The new and improved version boasts a heavy-duty, impenetrable TPE rubber, and a stylish design that mirrors the original Tesla interior mats.

Includes one first-row all-weather liner (driver), first-row all-weather liner (passenger), and 1x second-row all-weather liner.

Over $50

Ships Within
24 Hours


US-Standardversand 4,95 $ (KOSTENLOS über 50 $) – Voraussichtliche Lieferung 3–5 Werktage.

US-Expressversand $9,95 – Voraussichtliche Lieferung 1–2 Werktage.

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Protecting. No Matter The Weather.

Cover your Tesla with a layer of heavy-duty floor mats.

Every footstep you take outside your car carries mud, snow, and debris that gets dragged right back in. They swamp your Tesla's interior and easily seep through regular floor mats. Making your cleanings an extra daunting task.

Proleep All-Weather Floor Mats are our latest upgrade made of thick, durable TPE rubber. The new floor mats add a strong, rigid layer of extreme-duty protection to your Tesla's carpets. Its sleek and clean design is modeled after Tesla's official liners.


Matches, Innovates & Surpasses

Proleep has been analyzing Tesla's original floor mats for a while. Our team took the floor mats manufactured by Tesla's design studio and further improved the patterns and design. The result is an All-Weather Floor Mat that surprasses the official Tesla product in terms of ruggedness, longevity and design.

Low Maintenance Efficiency

Cleaning your car's interior can quickly become a tedious and time-consuming task. All it takes is a few trips to drag mud into your cabin and get back to square one. Proleep all-weather floor mats are made of thermoplastic elastomer that keeps morning spills, snow, and mud from seeping in, and makes cleaning everything up a breeze.


Long-Lasting Protection

The OEM Tesla floor mats you get when purchasing the car offer little to no resistance to constant exposure to moisture, spills, and debris. Proleep Floor Mats provide Tesla owners with natural, ever-lasting protection from all elements and the ultimate wear and tear resistance that is 100% recyclable and toxin-free.

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