Latest Cybertruck Updates, Tesla Introduces New ‘Rental’ Program, and more

Latest Cybertruck Updates  

As Cybertruck deliveries draw closer, sightings of these trucks are being reported nationwide and detailed information about the long awaited and highly anticipated vehicle continues to emerge regularly. See below for the latest information on all things Cybertruck:

Cybertruck Delivery Event Incentives
Tesla has introduced a referral program offering incentives for inviting friends and family to the Cybertruck delivery event. Participants have the chance to earn credits which can be redeemed for rewards like a year of Premium Connectivity or an invitation to the forthcoming Cybertruck Delivery Event in Austin, Texas. Redemptions for the Cybertruck Delivery Event invitations operate on a first-come, first-served basis and are valid for the invitee plus one guest. Given limited availability, individuals who miss out initially may have the opportunity to claim tickets later, as the event date approaches. To secure an invitation for oneself and a guest, three successful referrals are necessary. Tesla is now in the process of notifying individuals through email about the newly launched Cybertruck Delivery Event Invite award.

Adjustable Ambient Interior Lighting
Yesterday the Cybertruck was strolling the streets of downtown Austin and observations revealed the presence of a sleek red ambient interior lighting, likely to be RGB LED lighting. RGB is an additive color model in which red, green and blue primary colors of light are combined to produce a broad array of any color; this would suggest the ambient interior lighting in the vehicle can be changed and adjusted at the user's discretion.

Tesla’s Best Product Ever
Elon recently took to X (formally Twitter) to share that he recently test drove the production candidate Cybertruck at Giga-Texas, mentioning that he believes this is Tesla’s best product ever. After a user urged him to disclose further details such as pricing and specs, he acknowledged the significant challenges involved in the manufacturing of the vehicle, indicating that Tesla is not yet ready to release final specifications, pricing, or release dates but will do so when the company is ready.


Tesla Introduces New ‘Rental’ Program   

Tesla is set to introduce a rental program in Texas as indicated by recent job postings. The company is looking for a Program Manager in Business Development based in its Austin, Texas headquarters. The job description suggests that Tesla is moving towards launching its own rental initiative, potentially catering to individuals involved in accidents. The program is explicitly intended for Tesla employees at airports, aligning with the common practice of offering rental services at airports for travelers in need of local transportation. This move complements Tesla's existing partnership with Hertz, a company known for its airport-based rental services. The posting also outlines additional responsibilities beyond the rental program, including optimizing glass repairs for quicker turnaround times in collision scenarios and supporting various new business development projects. Stirring up even more excitement - a Tesla program manager commented on the matter saying “Big things happening...“. Tesla's interest in expanding its rental presence suggests a desire to familiarize more people with the Tesla driving experience.


New App Update Brings Apple Shortcuts Compatibility 

Tesla App version 4.24 has been released and introduces a unique new feature of Apple Shortcuts compatibility. This feature enables users to access and control their Tesla vehicles and climate settings using the Apple Shortcuts app. With official support for Apple Shortcuts, users can employ voice commands through Siri to execute specific Tesla actions and can utilize pre-configured phrases like 'Lock Tesla' to command their vehicles via voice. Users have the flexibility to design their own shortcuts for various functions, such as adjusting the vehicle's temperature and initiating the climate system. This customization can be done within the Apple Shortcuts app. Beyond Siri integration, the update also allows for creating automations for the Tesla vehicle such as automatic activation of the climate system at designated times. The expanded list of supported controls encompasses a range of functions such as activating Defrost, Dog Mode, Preconditioning the vehicle, setting climate temperature, managing windows and media volume, controlling locks and openings (frunk, charge port, doors, trunk), enabling Sentry Mode, configuring charge limits, and more.


FSD Beta Update: Safer Autopilot, Smart Upgrades and More

FSD Beta 11.4.4 (2023.26.10) has been released and here are the highlights:

- FSD Beta updated to v11.4.4 from Beta v11.3.6.
- Cabin Camera now detects driver inattentiveness, providing alerts to keep eyes on the road during Autopilot. Camera images stay within the vehicle unless data sharing is enabled.
- Improved lane change mechanism for avoiding off-route scenarios, enhancing gap selection.
- Enhanced handling of oncoming vehicles on narrow unmarked roads by predicting trajectories and allowing space for passing before re-centering.
- Upgraded Automatic Emergency Braking recall in response to cut-in vehicles and reversing situations.
- Blind spot camera can be moved on the touchscreen, maintaining the new position when the turn signal is activated.


Tesla Surpasses Shell with Huge Milestone

Tesla has now surpassed Shell in the number of charging stations in the US, with 17,000 compared to Shell's 14,000 gas stations, representing the growing trend towards electric vehicles and changing American road infrastructure. Tesla's rapid expansion of its Supercharger network across various locations has contributed to this shift, highlighting the increasing acceptance of electric cars. The growth of Tesla's charging stations underscores its dominance in DC fast-charging installations, as it installed more of these stations in the first half of 2023 than all other charging companies combined. Tesla's Supercharger network, now serving 1.5 million sessions per week, is expected to further expand as both Tesla's customer fleet and non-Tesla electric vehicles utilize the network. Tesla's commitment to maintaining its network and the technical advantages of its Supercharger connectors have led other top automakers such as Ford, GM and Mercedes to reach agreements and adopt the Tesla standard. Tesla's rapid deployment of about 30 new Supercharger connectors per day during the first quarter of 2023 highlights its leadership in the electric vehicle sector and the company's focus on network expansion, which now accommodates non-Tesla electric vehicles.

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