Model Y Recall, New Price Adjustments for Model S and X and Tesla Wireless Charging

Model Y Recall 

Tesla has issued a recall for 3,470 Model Y SUVs in the U.S., manufactured between May 23, 2022, and February 5, 2023, due to concerns that the second-row seatbacks may not be properly fastened. Approximately 4% of the affected vehicles may have bolts that are not tightened correctly, which could result in the seatbelt system not working as intended in a collision, increasing the risk of injury. Contrary to previous Tesla recalls, this issue cannot be fixed through an over-the-air software update and requires a service visit. Tesla plans to notify affected owners by April 25 and will offer free repairs at Tesla service centers. Owners can check their vehicle's VIN at any time on the Tesla website or app and schedule a service visit if necessary.


New Price Adjustments for Model S and X   

Tesla continues its price adjustments with the 5th price change on various models just this year. The company has reduced the price of its luxury models with the Model S now priced at $89,990 and the Model X at $99,990, a reduction of $5,000 and $10,000, respectively; as well as the Plaid versions of both models, now priced at $109,990 each. The Model 3 and Model Y prices remain unchanged, although they've seen their own price adjustments already this year. These price cuts follow a series of reductions in 2023, with the Model S Plaid now $26,000 cheaper and the Model X Plaid $29,000 cheaper than at the start of the year. However, these reductions come after significant price increases over the past two years. To put this into perspective, with the new prices, the Model S is now priced similarly to the summer of 2021.


FSD Beta 11.3.1 (2022.45.10) Release Notes  

Switching FSD Profiles: The FSD Profiles determine the level of assertiveness that the car will use when driving itself. Chill mode is the least aggressive, while Assertive mode is the most aggressive. This new feature allows you to switch between these modes using the car's scroll wheel, making it easy to adjust the car's behavior to your preferences or the driving conditions.

Cabin Camera Live Feed: This feature allows you to see what the camera in your car's cabin is capturing while in the vehicle, which previously could only be done while away from your car. This feature can be useful to preview your camera feed before starting a Zoom meeting, for example.

FSD Beta Improper Usage Suspension: This is a safety feature that is designed to prevent people from misusing the FSD Beta software. If the system detects that the driver is not paying attention or is engaging in risky behavior, it may suspend the FSD Beta feature for a period of two weeks.

Driving Visualization Expansion: The driving visualization is the graphical representation of what the car's sensors are detecting. This feature allows you to expand this visualization, making it easier to see what the car is detecting and how it's interpreting the road and surroundings. You can do this by dragging a light gray visualization bar to the right.


Potential Upcoming Wireless Charging Product

Tesla is reportedly exploring wireless charging technology, according to some comments made by Tesla's Senior Director of Charging Infrastructure, Rebecca Tinucci during their investor day presentation. Tinucci noted in her presentation “I'll confess I have forgotten to plug in my Tesla. It sure would be an incredible experience if my car charged itself” hinting at the upcoming product, while a presentation slide clearly depicted a Model S parked on a grounded charging pad with a power source box on the wall. It remains unclear whether this technology will be available as a retrofit for current owners or which Tesla models will support it. The potential benefits of wireless charging for Tesla owners include an automated charging solution that eliminates the need to manually plug in their vehicles. While the wireless unit appears to be a new version of Tesla's Wall Connector, the company is expected to continue offering its plug-in unit.


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