More Price Cuts, Supercharger Prices and Wait Times on Tesla App, Autopilot Wheel "Nag" Slowly Phasing out and Software Update 2023.12

More Price Cuts Across All Models 

Tesla has implemented a new round of price reductions on its entire lineup, following a similar strategy from the first quarter of 2023. The reductions vary by model, with some cars like the Model S and Model X seeing notable price drops. The Model S Dual Motor AWD and the Model S Plaid both received $5,000 price reductions. The Model 3 lineup saw minor adjustments, with the RWD variant seeing a decrease of $1,000 and the Model 3 Performance dropping $1,000 as well. The Model X Dual Motor AWD and the Model X Plaid received $5,000 reductions. The Model Y lineup received a $2,000 price drop across all variants. Tesla executives stated during the Q1 earnings call that the aggressive price cuts in Q1 resulted in increased demand for their vehicles. This new round of price reductions could have a similar effect in Q2. Tesla remains dominant in the EV sector and could implement more price reductions to strengthen its competitive advantage. Further price adjustments may help Tesla reach its ambitious delivery goals for 2023.


Supercharger Prices and Wait Times on Tesla App   

Tesla has updated its app to provide real-time information on Supercharger wait times, including an estimate of the wait time and whether the station is busy. In addition, the app now displays a graph predicting congestion at a specific Supercharger station based on the time of day. The aim is to help drivers plan their charging stops more efficiently, reduce wait times, and minimize downtime. Tesla has also added a feature that displays Supercharger pricing information within the app, offering greater transparency and helping users better understand charging costs. Although pricing information is only available when viewing a specific charger, this enhancement is expected to improve the overall user experience for Tesla owners. These updates do not require an app update and are available on the latest version of the Tesla app.


Autopilot Wheel “Nag” Slowly Phasing Out 

Tesla may soon be moving forward with phasing out the steering wheel "nag" feature that requires drivers to apply resistance to the wheel at certain intervals while using Autopilot. Elon Musk recently announced on twitter that the nag will be gradually reduced proportionate to improved safety. The nag time currently checks for active participation in intervals around 30-60 seconds, which can sometimes be annoying to drivers. This move may be seen as a response to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) concerns about driver attentiveness when using Autopilot. As Tesla gradually reduces the nag, the company may encounter regulatory challenges, and it will need to maintain open communication with regulatory agencies like the NHTSA to demonstrate that the transition to vision-based monitoring will not compromise safety. However, this presents an opportunity for Tesla to collaborate with regulatory agencies in refining driver monitoring standards and creating a safer environment for autonomous vehicle users while continuing to push the boundaries of self-driving technology.


Software Update 2023.12

Tesla has announced its 2023.12 software update, which includes several new features designed to enhance the driving experience for Tesla owners. One of the most significant updates is the Text Size feature, which allows drivers to choose between Normal and Large text sizes for the touchscreen display. This feature will improve readability and make it easier for drivers to read and navigate the interface. Another key update is the expansion of Tesla's steering wheel customization options. Drivers can now access popular settings by long pressing the left scroll wheel, which opens a menu in the bottom left corner of the screen. The available options include climate temperature, display brightness, and steering wheel heat, among others. Phone Call Controls are now also integrated with the steering wheel, allowing drivers to answer or decline calls, mute/unmute themselves, or hang up with the left scroll button. Tesla has also updated the charging menu by removing the car visualization to enlarge the slider, making it easier for drivers to set their charging threshold.

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