Project Highland Updates, Tesla App Version 4.19, Park Assist Returns and New V4 Supercharger

Project Highland Updates 

As noted before, Tesla is currently in the midst of an extensive overhaul of its highly popular Model 3 vehicle, which has been codenamed Project Highland. Recent reports have revealed additional leaked updates that include numerous modifications to the vehicle, further substantiating rumors about changes to the exterior design. This includes new headlights, which will boast a distinctive shape and potentially incorporate adaptive/matrix headlights. The front bumper will be redesigned to accommodate a new singular camera located in the center of the lower-vent region. The rear bumper will also undergo design changes, although the reasoning behind such changes remains ambiguous. The mirrors will be updated to reflect minor modifications, which will likely bear a strong resemblance to their current appearance. Additionally, three new cameras will be introduced, two of which will be positioned within the fender camera housing and point in varying directions to improve the vehicle's visibility at intersections.


Tesla App Version 4.19   

Tesla App version 4.19 has rolled out and introduces various enhancements, including improvements to the charging feature, displaying additional details. The app now indicates the portion of the battery that is unavailable due to cold temperature and the tick marks at 10% intervals are now always visible. Additionally, the app will introduce a new feature called 'Drive on Sunshine,' which will allow Tesla solar owners to charge their vehicles automatically when excess solar energy is generated, thereby reducing costs and electricity transmission loss. Tesla has also introduced a new 'Membership' option to the app for managing charging memberships for non-Teslas which provides a lower price per kW at Superchargers with a limit of five sessions per day.


Park Assist Returns to Tesla Vehicles Without Ultrasonic Sensors  

Tesla has launched Tesla Vision Park Assist, bringing back distance measurements for Tesla vehicles that were without ultrasonic sensors. Back in October 2022, Tesla removed these sensors from its newer models as part of the shift to its camera-based Autopilot system, Tesla Vision, leaving some vehicle owners without some core FSD features such as park assist. However, the new feature now reinstates the distance measurement capability and now even offers 360° coverage around the vehicle, detecting objects on the sides, where Tesla vehicles with the sensors cannot see. The feature was added to software version 2022.45.11, including FSD Beta v11.3.2, and is currently only available to customers in the US and Canada who have purchased FSD and/or applied for access to the FSD Beta program.


Tesla Debuts its V4 Supercharger

Tesla introduced the first V4 Superchargers in the Netherlands last week, and we can expect these V4 chargers to start popping up in other countries, including the U.S. very soon. The supercharger is twice as powerful as the previous V3 model being replaced, with a maximum power output of 600 kW and a maximum current of 615A at 1,000V. Additionally, the cables have been extended to roughly 10 feet, decreasing the distance the vehicle needs to be to the charger and making it easier for owners to position their vehicles. Tesla plans to increase manufacturing for a swift rollout and to offer a higher charge rate than the existing 250 kW ceiling of Supercharger V3. The company also plans to have a built-in Magic Dock solution for CCS charging compatibility for electric vehicles not made by Tesla in the US.

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