Even More Price Cuts, FSD Beta 11.4, Tesla Restores Window Functionalities and YouTube Now Supports 1080p Video

More Price Cuts Across Model 3 & Y 

Tesla has reduced prices for its two best-selling vehicles, the Model 3 and Model Y in the US yet again and for the second time just in April. The entry-level Model 3 now sits below $40,000 before any incentives, making it not only the cheapest Tesla but also one of the best and most cost-effective vehicles in its price range. The base Model 3 RWD now starts at $39,990, down from $41,990, and the Model Y AWD, which is rumored to be equipped with 4680 battery cells, had a $3,000 price reduction across all variants, now starting at $46,990. The reasons for the price cuts have not been disclosed, but some believe it could be an attempt to clear inventory ahead of future upgrades. Both vehicles are eligible for the US’s Inflation Reduction Act's incentives, and the price cuts make them even more attractive to potential buyers. Tesla has also reduced prices for its vehicles in Europe, Israel, and Singapore, making electric vehicles more accessible to consumers and pushing competitors to adapt worldwide.


FSD Beta 11.4 Version 2023.6.15 Release Updates   

Tesla has released FSD Beta 11.4 to its employees, with original testers to follow soon. The update, version 2023.6.15, focuses on refining vehicle performance, with improvements made to safety features, driving performance, and smarter navigation. Notable improvements include enhanced pedestrian recognition, improved responsiveness to vulnerable road users, weather-adaptive speed control, optimized turn performance in city environments, upgraded lane, line, and road edge detection in rural areas, refined lane guidance and partial cut-in predictions, and smarter navigation with lane guidance and speed adjustments. The FSD Beta 11.4 will be available to new owners on a 2023.2 or 2023.6 update. However, it may take several weeks before the update goes into wide release, depending on whether Tesla encounters any major issues.


Tesla Restores Remote and Automatic Window Functionalities  

Tesla has begun the process of reactivating remote and auto window features that were previously disabled in compliance with a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recall affecting nearly 1.1 million vehicles. The features were disabled due to an issue with the automatic window reversal system and an updated NHTSA regulation prohibiting auto-close windows via the car or an app. The reinstatement of the features is being implemented through an over-the-air configuration, and affected Tesla owners will receive an in-car display message announcing the update.


YouTube App Now Supports Up to 1080p Video Resolution

Tesla has updated its YouTube app to allow users to watch videos in up to 1080p resolution. Previously, users encountered an issue where video resolution was stuck at a low 360p resolution due to non-functioning dropdown menus in YouTube settings. However, YouTube has now updated its website to provide better dropdown support, allowing users to easily change video resolution, adjust playback speed, and toggle captions by tapping on the screen. This long-awaited update enhances the Tesla Theater experience and ensures that Tesla owners can enjoy the best possible video quality while using the Tesla Theater feature. As the fix was made on YouTube's site, no Tesla update is required.

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