Tesla Launches Extended Warranty Option, Safety Score v2.0 and Free Supercharging for New Model S and X Owners

Tesla Launches Extended Warranty Option 

Tesla has launched a new extended warranty program in the US called the Vehicle Extended Service Agreement (Vehicle ESA) for eligible Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y owners. The ESA provides coverage for defects in materials or workmanship for most parts manufactured or supplied by Tesla, but excludes wear and tear items like brake pads and high-voltage batteries or drive units. The pricing for the ESA ranges from $1,800 to $3,500 and must be purchased before the Basic Vehicle Limited Warranty expires. The ESA can be transferred to the next owner and is available for purchase through the Tesla mobile app. The program is aimed at providing greater peace of mind and an improved ownership experience for Tesla customers.


Safety Score v2.0   

Tesla has updated its Safety Score program to version 2.0, which includes two new safety factors, Excessive Speeding and Unbuckled Driving, and an updated Late Night Driving metric. The Safety Score ranges from 0 to 100, with a higher score indicating safer driving. Tesla's Safety Score is designed to encourage safer driving habits and potentially result in lower insurance premiums for Tesla owners. However, to see your Safety Score, you need to have Tesla Insurance or have requested FSD Beta. Safety Score 2.0 requires the vehicle to be on software update 2023.2.12 or later or be enrolled in FSD Beta version 11.3 or higher.


Free Supercharging for New Model S and X Owners 

Tesla has rolled out an offer for free Supercharger credits to its customers who place orders for Model S and Model X electric vehicles in the United States and Canada. The promotion entails a complimentary allotment of 10,000 free Supercharging miles in the US and 10,000 free Supercharging kilometers in Canada for customers who complete the purchase before the 31st of March. The aforementioned credits hold a validity of two years from the date of delivery and can be redeemed at any Tesla Supercharger station. It is noteworthy that this marketing strategy has been employed by Tesla on previous occasions to spike sales and incentivize customers to expedite their purchase decisions.


“Nav Route” Comes to the Tesla App

Tesla's mobile app has added a new feature that lets users track their vehicle's route to the destination, offering better visibility into battery usage. Previously, the app only showed the driver's destination, distance, and estimated arrival time. However, this latest addition uses an API called "nav route," which was introduced in the last update to the Tesla app. To use this feature, users need to have the Tesla app version 4.19 and Tesla's car version 2023.6. When utilizing GPS navigation, users can see the destination information and estimated arrival time on the main screen. By navigating to the relevant section, they can also view the vehicle's location, nearby Superchargers, and destination details. The app now also displays the suggested route the vehicle is taking toward its destination, allowing owners to track battery usage more effectively.

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