The New Owner's Guide to Protecting and Preserving Your Tesla Model 3

new tesla model 3

Embodying cutting-edge technology, superior performance, and sleek design, your new Tesla is a significant investment that deserves the best care. This guide is crafted for new Tesla owners like you, with tips on protecting your Model 3 from wear and tear, extending its battery life, and maintaining its pristine exterior. 


1. Extending Battery Life

The heart of your Tesla Model 3 is its state-of-the-art electric battery. Its performance and lifespan are paramount to your overall driving experience, and taking appropriate steps can significantly contribute to its longevity.


Charge Mindfully

Tesla recommends charging your battery daily, similar to how you'd charge a mobile phone. However, it's best to keep the charging level between 20% and 80% for everyday use, only charging to 100% for long trips. This practice, known as shallow charging, can help extend the battery life by reducing stress on the battery. Avoid letting the charge level drop too low, as frequent full discharges can accelerate the battery's aging process.


Monitor Your Driving Habits

Your driving style can have a considerable impact on your battery's lifespan. Try to avoid sudden accelerations, as they can lead to a rapid drain of the battery. Instead, adopt smoother driving habits that not only protect the battery but can also make the ride more comfortable for you and your passengers.


Use Regenerative Braking

One unique feature of your Tesla Model 3 is regenerative braking. This technology uses the electric motor as a generator to convert the kinetic energy lost when decelerating back into stored energy in the battery. It reduces the use of your conventional brakes, prolonging their lifespan, and adds more energy back to your battery, extending its range.


Manage the Battery's Temperature

Tesla cars have an advanced thermal management system to keep the battery at an optimum temperature. Extremely cold or hot conditions can affect the battery's performance and lifespan. During winter, make sure to keep your Tesla Model 3 plugged in so the car can use energy from the grid to warm up the battery before driving. During hot conditions, the car will automatically cool down the battery when it's too warm.


Software Updates

Tesla frequently rolls out over-the-air software updates that include enhancements to battery performance and longevity. Make sure to install these updates promptly to reap the benefits of the latest optimizations for your vehicle's battery health.


2. Maintaining the Pristine Exterior

Your Model 3's sleek and stylish exterior is a standout feature of the vehicle, and it's just as crucial to maintain as the interior. Exposure to weather conditions, road debris, and other potential hazards can gradually affect its pristine finish. Here are a few tips to help you maintain your Tesla's exterior.


Paint Protection Film (PPF)

To help safeguard your Model 3's exterior paintwork, consider investing in professional PPF services. PPF is a high-quality, durable film that acts as a protective layer over your car's paint. This service is widely available and can protect your vehicle's paintwork from minor scratches, UV damage, and more.



Mudflaps, also known as mudguards, are a fantastic way to protect your Model 3's lower body from road debris, grime, and salt. These flaps fit behind the wheels and are designed to block mud, water, and loose gravel from being thrown into the air by the rotation of the tires. The official Tesla Shop offers mudflaps specifically designed for the Model 3. They not only serve a functional purpose but also seamlessly blend with the vehicle's exterior design.


Proper Washing and Maintenance

Regular washing can help keep your Tesla Model 3 looking as good as new. It's essential to use the right methods and products to avoid scratching the paint or causing other forms of damage. Consider using a soft, clean microfiber cloth and a pH-neutral car wash soap. Regularly waxing your car can also provide an extra layer of protection against scratches and the elements. Try to keep your car covered or garaged whenever possible to protect it from harsh weather conditions and excessive sun exposure.


3. Safeguarding from Interior Wear and Tear

The interior of your Tesla Model 3, where you'll spend most of your time, is not just about comfort and technology. It's also subject to wear and tear from regular usage. Let's focus on a couple of high-impact areas and discuss how to protect them effectively.


Floor Mats

The floor of your Tesla, particularly the carpet, undergoes constant stress from foot traffic, spillages, and dirt tracked in from outside. High-quality floor mats can help protect your vehicle's floor and make it easier to clean. Durable and well-fitted floor mats, are designed to perfectly match the Model 3's interior, providing superior coverage and protection. You can find custom designed All-Weather Floor Mats for the Tesla Model 3 here.


Protecting Back Seats

If you have pets that join you for rides in your Model 3, the back seats can be subject to scratches, pet hair, and dirt. Pet seat covers can be an excellent solution to protect the integrity and cleanliness of your back seats. These covers are typically waterproof, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean, making them perfect for pet owners. You can find Pet Liners in the official Tesla shop here.


Final thoughts

Taking proactive steps to extend the battery life of your Tesla Model 3 can ensure a consistent, high-quality driving experience while also preserving the overall health of your vehicle. By adopting mindful charging habits, managing driving practices, utilizing features like regenerative braking, and keeping up with software updates, you can optimize your Model 3's performance and enhance its longevity.


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