Cupholder Insert Gen 2


Meet the ultimate fix for your Tesla's oversized cup holders. Proleep® Cupholder Insert is custom designed to fit both the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y Gen 2. It's crafted from soft TPE silicone rubber that keeps all your Starbucks cups and small bottles in place. For a smooth, spill-free ride. Enjoy your Tesla's thrilling acceleration and keep your drinks nice and safe.

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Only compatible with the second generation of the Tesla Model 3 & Y.

We recommend checking our guide on how to distinguish Tesla Model 3/Y first generation from the second generation if you are still having doubts on how to distinguish them.

The Kind of Stability Your Tesla Deserves

Looking to enjoy your morning drinks, Starbucks drive-thrus and get that full package Tesla experience? Well, one ingenious piece can help you achieve all that and more. Proleep's Gen 2 Cup Holder Insert adds the much-needed stability to your Tesla's oversized cup holders and allows you to fully enjoy your Tesla experience.


Smooth, Spill-free Rides

Proleep's Cupholder Insert stops your drinks from rattling and spilling in the event of a sudden turn or hard braking. The rubbery interior locks your drinks in place and prevents any mishaps.

Securely Holds All Cup Sizes in Place

The Proleep® Cupholder Insert fits perfectly flush. It offers an authentic look and above all works with any bottle you put in it. Even a larger 30oz yeti sits snugly thanks to the rubber bumpers that can mold to the cup.


Easy To Clean

Proleep's Cupholder Insert is 3D engineered from high-grade soft silicone. Making it a snap to insert and remove, and dishwasher safe. Simply slip it out and pop it in the dishwasher.

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