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Console Tray Gen 2


Introducing the new and improved Console Tray for Tesla’s second generation Model 3 and Y. This is a deeper pocket design with added perks and specs. It fits your center console snugly with a lip seal, and 3D laser-cut edges.

The new design allows for a smooth sliding motion to reveal your main storage compartment. Giving you two-tiered storage and easy access to your stuff.

You can store your cards, change, phone, charger, and other personal items while on the go with plenty of room to spare.

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Only compatible with the second generation of the Tesla Model 3 & Y.

We recommend checking our guide on how to distinguish Tesla Model 3/Y first generation from the second generation if you are still having doubts on how to distinguish them.

If you are looking for a Console Tray for the Tesla Model 3/Y's first generation check the Console Tray.

Get a Hold of Your Space

If you think your Tesla's center storage cabin is a little over-generous, you're not alone. The deep pocket comes with more cons than pros. And reaching into the abyss every time you want your phone or sunglasses is anything but convenient.

Our Console Tray comes to keep all the benefits and eliminate the headaches of the original storage cabin. It's engineered to provide more space while adding order and a sliding design for effortless accessibility.

It's an elegant 3D laser-cut piece that preserves your Tesla's minimalist aesthetic by blending seamlessly with your interior design.


Add some extra room to groove to your center console and put an end to the chaos.

Ingenious Drawer Design

Not only does it keep everything neat and tidy, but it also creates a two-tiered storage space that allows for easy access, and clutter-free arrangement of your personal belongings.

Premium Matching Materials

3D engineered using the same durable ABS material, and soft synthetic fiber lining as your original Tesla storage cabin. The coating protects your items from scratches, and the matching materials preserve the integrity of your interior design.

Console Tray for Tesla Model 3 and Y Second Generation
Console Tray for Tesla Model 3 and Y Second Generation

Top Of The Line

Unlike low-end imitations that create an obvious "add-on" look to your Tesla's interior. The Proleep Console Tray Gen 2 boasts a snug fit design, easy setup, and matching lining material for flawless experience.

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