Smart and Reverse Summon Updates, Tesla App 4.21.0 Release Notes, FSD Beta Rollout to New Users, and Model X Plaid to Gain Track Mode

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Smart and Reverse Summon Updates 

Elon Musk has announced significant updates to Tesla's FSD Smart Summon and Reverse Summon capabilities, improving the safety and convenience of autonomous driving. These updates, expected to be released in a few months, include major architectural improvements in version 11.4.1. Smart Summon allows Tesla cars to navigate parking lots to pick up owners, while Reverse Summon or “Park Seek” enables the car to drop off the owner and find a parking spot. While still in development, Park Seek is expected to have different modes, allowing the owner to pick the parking spots that would be most convenient. The enhancements aim to create a more mature and advanced Full Self-Driving (FSD) architecture, bringing Tesla closer to fully autonomous vehicles. Specific release dates have not been provided, but Tesla enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the smarter Smart Summon and Reverse Summon features.


Tesla App 4.21.0 Release Notes  

Tesla App 4.21.0 release notes have surfaced and now the app introduces a notable enhancement in the Service section, where users will now find a customized visualization of their vehicle. This visualization accurately represents the user's specific vehicle, including its color, and provides information on the status of doors, charge port, frunk (front trunk), and trunk. Furthermore, this update includes various minor fixes and improvements to enhance the overall user experience.


FSD Beta Rollout to New Users 

Tesla has resumed the rollout of its Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta software to new testers after addressing concerns raised by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Earlier this year, Tesla had to recall over 362,000 vehicles with FSD Beta installed due to potential violations of local traffic regulations. This led to a temporary halt in the deployment of the software to new testers. However, Tesla has now released a new version of the FSD Beta, aligning it with the latest non-beta branch. The current release is 2023.12.10, featuring FSD Beta 11.3.6. While some were expecting version 11.4.2, Tesla aims to address specific issues related to narrow roads and lane changes in heavy traffic with that update. With 11.3.6 now being rolled out to new users, it's hopeful that 11.4.2 will follow, enhancing the FSD Beta software for all testers.


Model X Plaid to Gain Track Mode

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced that the Model X Plaid will soon be equipped with Track Mode, an advanced feature previously available on other Tesla models. Track Mode enhances the electric racing experience by enabling high-performance driving on tracks. The Model X Plaid, known for its impressive speed and innovation as an SUV, will now join the lineup of Tesla vehicles offering this feature. The announcement was made during the 2023 Annual Shareholder Meeting and was met with great enthusiasm. Tesla has also made notable improvements to Track Mode in the Model S Plaid, including enhanced display of critical information such as speedometer, battery and motor temperatures, brake temperatures, and tire pressure. However, implementing Track Mode in the Model X Plaid may present challenges due to the need for precise tuning and performance under demanding driving conditions. Nonetheless, the Tesla community is eagerly awaiting the arrival of this new feature for Model X Plaid owners.

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