Supercharger Seach Update on Tesla App, Tesla Opens Superchargers to Non-Tesla Vehicles and Refreshed Model Y Coming Soon

Supercharger Search Update (Tesla App version 4.18) 

The latest version of the Tesla App, version 4.18, introduces a highly anticipated feature to the Navigation/Location section. Specifically, users can now utilize a search box to find charging locations, either by searching for a particular charger or town, with the app displaying the nearest options. This addition will undoubtedly be welcomed by the Tesla community, who have eagerly awaited this functionality for years.


Tesla Begins Opening Up Superchargers to Non-Tesla Vehicles in U.S.  

Tesla has announced that it is opening up select Superchargers in the U.S. to all compatible electric vehicles, following the retrofitting of various Superchargers with its Magic Dock solution. The Magic Dock allows Tesla to support the standard CCS connector in addition to its own NACS connector, which will enable non-Tesla EVs to charge at Supercharger stations without any changes. Non-Tesla vehicles will pay a premium (roughly 25%) over their Tesla counterparts, however, Tesla is also offering a monthly membership option for non-Tesla owners who wish to reduce their price per kilowatt hour. Tesla is looking to open up 7,500 Supercharger stations to all compatible electric vehicles, including current and future Superchargers. The most popular Tesla Superchargers are likely to remain exclusive to Tesla vehicles, but smaller Superchargers will see additional traffic from non-Tesla vehicles, which will result in additional profit for Tesla and allow them to expand their Supercharger network. This change will help to convince more vehicle buyers to choose an EV and is a big win for Tesla and sustainable transportation altogether.


Tesla Announces CCS Adapter Retrofit, Allowing for More Charging Options  

In another charging-related update, Tesla has announced the pricing for its CCS adapter retrofit, allowing Tesla owners to use third-party CCS charging networks. The retrofit costs $450 USD and includes the $175 CCS adapter. The CCS modulation allows Tesla owners to tap into other charging networks, but not all Tesla models are CCS-compatible. Some models can charge with CCS once the adapter is attached, while others, especially those before 2020, are not CCS-ready and will need to be retrofitted. To check if your Tesla is suitable for CCS, go to Controls, tap Software, and then Additional Vehicle Information. Next, look for CCS adapter support, which will show either "Not Installed" or "CCS Enabled." The retrofit will make it easier for Tesla owners to access a broader range of charging options and travel long distances without range anxiety. The CCS adapter is currently only available for Model S and Model X owners, with Model 3 and Model Y owners waiting until mid-2023. CCS charging stations are the preferred plug of several manufacturers, and the demand for electric vehicles continues to grow, making access to reliable charging options essential.


Refreshed Model Y May Be Coming Soon

Rumors of a refresh for Tesla's Model 3 have been circulating for some time, and now reports suggest that the Model Y will also change part of a new initiative called "Project Juniper." The changes are expected to take effect in 2024, with Tesla already asking suppliers for quotes on the cost of the revamped interior and exterior parts. The specific changes are currently unknown, but this is similar to the Model 3 refresh, where changes were spotted just months after rumors started circulating. It's unclear yet how much the new plans will change the vehicle but it’s important to note the Model Y was Tesla's best-selling vehicle in several major markets last year, including Europe and China.

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