Model 3 Essentials Gen 1

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The experience of owning a Tesla can still be improved. That’s why we gathered the top Model 3 accessories into a single bundle, so you won’t miss out on anything.

This bundle contains:

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This product is ONLY compatible with Tesla Model 3/Y's first generation.

You can also check here our guide on how to distinguish Tesla Model 3/Y first generation from the second generation if you are still having doubts on how to distinguish them.

Your Great Rides Are About To Get Better 


Center Console ABS Wrap

Your piano black console doesn't need to accumulate dust and fingerprints ruining your gorgeous Tesla interior. Our Matte Black ABS wrap will fix that problem in 5 minutes


Console Tray

If there’s a flaw in the Model 3 it is the interior storage organization. Default center console storage compartment is just a large deep hole that makes everyday items hard to fetch. Keep your keys, hand sanitizer and loose change at reach with an optimal access.


Armrest Storage Box

Ever wondered: "What's the purpose of that empty spot under the armrest of my car?". The missing answer is a storage box.


Pedal Cover Set

Tesla, when they have stock, charge around $150 for their Performance pedals; With these you’ll get the same look & feel for a fraction of the price. #SayNoToRubberPedals


Cable Organizer

A simple addition with a huge impact. Designed with the intention of keeping your space organized and to protect your Tesla Charger, this won't let the cables lay around the floor and will keep your garage tidy.

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