363K Tesla Vehicles Recalled, Changes to Ownership Program and New Exterior Cameras with Hardware 4.0

363K Tesla Vehicles Recalled, S/W Update to Fix Issue

Tesla has issued a voluntary recall for nearly 363,000 vehicles equipped with its Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta system due to a potential fault that may cause vehicles to exceed speed limits or travel through intersections in an unpredictable or unlawful manner. The recall affects specific Model S and Model X vehicles manufactured from 2016-2023, Model 3 vehicles manufactured from 2017-2023, and Model Y vehicles manufactured from 2020-2023 that are equipped with the FSD feature. The issue was brought to the attention of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) by Tesla, and despite not fully agreeing with the NHTSA's analysis, Tesla decided to issue the recall out of caution. No injuries or deaths have been reported due to this potential issue. It is also important to note the recall was for the U.S. and Canada only, and the fault will be fixed through an over-the-air software update free of charge, and owners will be notified by April 15, 2023.

Ownership Loyalty Program Changes

Tesla has launched a new Ownership Loyalty Program that offers an additional $5,000 trade-in value on older Model S and Model X vehicles with unlimited Supercharging enabled, but only if the owner purchases a new Model S or Model X. Previously, Tesla was testing a similar program that offered a $3,000 trade-in value increase or three years of free Supercharging. In the past, Tesla provided free Supercharging for life with certain Model S and Model X vehicles, but it seems that the company is now using this perk as a way to phase out these older models and encourage the purchase of newer vehicle trims. 

Tesla to Increase Number of Exterior Cameras with Hardware 4.0

Tesla's forthcoming hardware 4.0 boasts the capacity to integrate up to 12 cameras, with one designated as an auxiliary backup, surpassing its current usage of the nine cameras it uses today. The upgraded hardware suite anticipates the inclusion of three additional cameras with enhanced features such as additional bumper cameras and HD radar, replacing ultrasonic sensors and eliminating blindspots. Additionally, the surplus of cameras may potentially enable Tesla to incorporate a bird's eye view feature, a long-awaited request from Tesla's community, that allows for drivers to see a top-down view of their vehicle and surroundings, increasing safety and spatial awareness. It is noteworthy that the hardware upgrade will also provide a boost in camera quality, with the new suite set to ship with 5-megapixel cameras, an improvement from the current 1.2-megapixel cameras used in hardware 3.0 today. However, it is crucial to note that hardware 3 retrofits will not be feasible.

FSD Beta v11.3 Improvement Leaks

Announced back on AI Day in September 2022, Tesla employees are currently testing the eagerly awaited FSD Beta v11.3, giving the public a sneak peek into information about the update's features. It is important to note, however, that Musk stated the first broad public release will be v11.3.2, which suggests that there may be a series of subsequent adjustments. The update encompasses several enhancements, including voice drive-notes, a feature that enables drivers to send Tesla anonymous voice messages to describe their experience following an intervention, an expansion of automatic emergency braking (AEB) and improved Autopilot response time to handle stop signs and red light runners, the establishment of a long-range highway lane network to facilitate earlier responses to blocked lanes and high curvature, enhanced recognition of school buses, improved decision-making at crosswalks, and a plethora of other features. These updates are designed to enhance driver safety and enhance the self-driving capabilities of Tesla's vehicles and customers.


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