New Price Adjustments, Scheduled Departure is Live and New Hardware Leaks

New Vehicle Price Adjustments 

Tesla has yet again adjusted prices to specific vehicle trims, lowering the price of its Model 3 Rear-Wheel-Drive configuration by $500 to $42,990, while simultaneously raising the prices of its Model Y All-Wheel-Drive and Performance trims by $500 to $51,990 and $58,990, respectively. This marks the second time in two days that prices have been raised on these Model Y configurations, and the fifth time the Model Y has seen a price change since the beginning of the year. As a result of the price changes, it appears that the All-Wheel-Drive Model Y configuration with the 4680 battery pack is already sold out, according to Tesla's Existing Inventory. It is likely that Tesla has been regularly modifying its pricing strategy since the onset of the year with the objective of gauging the levels of demand, particularly after the IRS’ $7,500 electric vehicle tax credit went into effect.


‘Scheduled Departure’ Feature is Live  

Tesla recently emphasized the advantages of its Scheduled Departure feature, which enables Tesla drivers to schedule a time for their vehicle to be ready for driving. The feature allows the car to determine the best time to start charging and conditioning the battery so that the charging process is completed before the set departure time. Moreover, the feature heats the cabin, steering wheel, and seats, making the car comfortable for passengers even before they enter it. In a video, Tesla highlighted how simple it is to use Scheduled Departure by setting the departure time in the Tesla app. The feature helps keep the vehicle charged during off-peak hours, which saves electricity costs. Tesla's Scheduled Departure feature demonstrates its dedication to providing the most convenient and comfortable electric vehicle ownership. This innovative feature is expected to become increasingly popular among Tesla owners due to its time-saving and effortless qualities, as well as its ability to keep them comfortable during their daily commutes.


Tesla to Double and Open U.S. Charging Network 

Tesla has announced its intention to allow other electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers to use a portion of its Supercharger Network in the United States, as part of an effort to improve the accessibility of EV charging options for consumers and to meet the qualifications for the $7.5 billion funds from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. This marks a significant shift from Tesla's previous practice of offering exclusive access to its charging network to Tesla owners. However, Tesla owners will continue to enjoy an advantage as they will have unrestricted access to all Superchargers in the country. Tesla also revealed plans to double the number of chargers in the US by 2024 using funds from the EV agreement. This move underscores Tesla's commitment to its goal of accelerating the transition to sustainable energy and making EVs more mainstream, regardless of their manufacturer.


New Hardware 4.0 Leaks

More info on Tesla's FSD hardware 4.0 has been leaked by a Tesla insider, providing a first look at the new suite of technologies. The new hardware includes upgraded, higher resolution cameras with LED flicker mitigation, additional cameras, and new camera placements. Hardware 4.0 includes 12 camera connectors and an HD radar named Phoenix, which is said to allow Tesla to more accurately create an image using radar alone. The board also includes increased processing power with 20 cores and a higher power draw than hardware 3.0. It’s believed that Tesla is producing Model S and Model X vehicles with hardware 4.0 now, however, Tesla is hanging on to them and are not being delivered yet. It's not clear whether the Model 3 and Model Y are currently being manufactured with the new hardware, the Model 3 and Y lines in China are currently paused for retooling which could be related to a hardware 4 upgrade. It’s important to remember that on Tesla’s earnings call a few weeks ago, Musk said retrofitting older models with the new FSD hardware is highly unlikely. Tesla has their upcoming March 1st event titled Investor Day, where they may reveal more details related to hardware 4.0.

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