Gen 1 or Gen 2: How do I know which Generation my Tesla is?

Gen 1 or Gen 2: How do I know which Generation my Tesla is?

Tesla's continuous innovation often leads to design changes that can affect accessory compatibility. This is particularly true for the Model 3 and Model Y, which underwent a significant interior redesign in late 2020. To help owners navigate the accessory market, the Tesla community has adopted a generational naming system for these models.


First Generation

Tesla Model 3 & Y First Generation/Gen 1 center console is composed by 3 different sections and the drawer has a magnetic non-sliding mechanism.

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Second Generation

The Second Generation/Gen 2 models can be identified has the new center console has a sliding mechanism in the drawer.

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Why are sometimes second generation model also called 2021 model?

The Gen 2 was unveiled in October 2020 and was slated for sales beginning in 2021. Consequently, it's often referred to as the '2021 model.' However, it's crucial to note that not all Model 3/Y vehicles purchased in 2021 are Gen 2, as Tesla continued to sell Gen 1 models from existing stock.


Third Generation (Gen 3) - The "Highland" Tesla Model 3

Spotting the Gen 3:

  • Ambient LED Lighting: The Gen 3 steps up the interior ambiance with the inclusion of sophisticated ambient LED lighting, offering a premium feel and improved visibility in the cabin.

  • Revamped Center Console: Taking cues from its upscale siblings, the Model X and S, the Gen 3 features a center console system that mirrors the sleek design and functionality found in these models.

  • Stalkless Steering: In a bold move towards a more minimalist and futuristic design, the Gen 3 has eliminated traditional stalks by the steering wheel, opting for a cleaner look and potentially new methods of control.

Embracing the Future with Gen 3 Accessories:

As the Gen 3 "Highland" ushers in these new features, we anticipate a new wave of accessories that will complement its advanced design and functionality. Stay alert for upcoming products that will enhance your Gen 3 experience.

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