All Model 3 Variants Now Qualify for EV Tax Credit, Tesla App 4.21.5 Release Notes, Model Y Steering Wheel Recall and NHTSA Concludes “Passenger Play” Investigation

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All Model 3 Variants Now Qualify for EV Tax Credit 

Tesla has announced that all Model 3 variants in the United States now qualify for the extensive $7,500 electric vehicle (EV) tax credit. As a result, this significant update effectively reduces the initial price of the Model 3 SR to $32,740 after factoring in incentives, making it more accessible to a wider range of customers. Additionally, in specific states, the ultimate price may even dip below $30,000, thereby enhancing even further the affordability of the vehicle. The lower price makes the Model 3 more competitive with traditional gas-powered cars, and additional local incentives in certain states can further reduce the cost. This affordability also applies to existing inventory, allowing buyers to skip the wait time and get a Tesla at a more competitive price. Tesla's efforts are aimed at making electric vehicles more accessible and narrowing the gap between EVs and gas-powered cars.


Tesla App 4.21.5 Release Notes  

Tesla App (4.21.5) release notes have surfaced and the update introduces changes to the Loot Box and rewards system. Users can now easily browse awards, check available credits, and view the remaining Free Supercharging Miles on the home tab of the Loot Box. The layout for the Credits tab has been simplified, and the credits offered for Model S and Model X referrals have been significantly increased to 20,000. Additionally, buyers of new Model S or Model X vehicles will receive a $1,000 discount and 3 months of free Full Self-Driving (FSD). The awards for Model 3 and Model Y remain the same at 1,500 for buyers and 2,000 for the referrer. The update also hints at upcoming features such as Boombox v2, Self Park Stand By Mode, and Release Notes Videos, with Self Park Stand By Mode resembling Tesla's Park Seek feature.


Model Y Steering Wheel Recall 11.4.2 

Tesla has initiated a voluntary recall of certain Model Y cars due to concerns about the steering wheel. The recall is a proactive measure taken after a service technician discovered a possible issue with the steering wheel fastener, where If improperly torqued, it could cause the steering wheel to disconnect from the column. The affected Model Y vehicles were manufactured between June 2023 and May 2023 and Tesla estimates that only around 10% of the recalled vehicles, roughly 14 units, might be affected. There have been no reports of complete steering wheel detachment so far, but as part of the recall process, Tesla Service will inspect and replace any improperly torqued fasteners to ensure steering control is not compromised. Owners of the affected Model Y vehicles will receive official notifications by July 28, 2023.


NHTSA Concludes “Passenger Play” Investigation

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has recently concluded its investigation into Tesla's 'Passenger Play' feature, which allowed passengers to play games while the vehicle was in motion. The NHTSA opened a Preliminary Evaluation into the feature in January of last year after formally launching an investigation in December 2021, and at long last the agency has decided not to recall any vehicles, however, concerns about driver distraction remain. Tesla responded to the concerns by issuing an update that requires the vehicle to be in park before games can be launched. Although the investigation has ended, the NHTSA's decision leaves room for future action if additional concerns arise. Tesla's quick action to disable the feature through a software update was commended by the NHTSA, with a high completion rate reported. The NHTSA emphasized the importance of technology-based lockouts to ensure driver safety.


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