New Project Highland Rumors, New Software Update Details, Cybertruck Production Updates, and FSD Beta 11.4.3 Rolls Out to the Public

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New Project Highland Rumors 

Leaked information regarding the Tesla Model 3 Refresh, also known as Project Highland, has surfaced this week, introducing some exciting new features. One standout addition is ventilated seats, a luxury feature currently only available in the Model S and Model X. This speculation was sparked by a patent filing from Tesla last year, suggesting that the company aims to bring this comfort-enhancing feature to more affordable models. While the seat design might remain largely unchanged, the addition of perforations would allow for improved airflow and would offer exceptional comfort, particularly in warmer climates. In addition to ventilated seats, Project Highland is also expected to include upgrades in ambient lighting and the sound system. The inclusion of ambient lighting, a highly desired feature among Tesla owners, would enhance the interior aesthetics of the Model 3. As for the sound system upgrades, details are scarce, but there may be additional subwoofers to provide a richer audio experience. These changes have the potential to greatly enhance the driving experience, solidifying Tesla's position in the EV market.


New Software Update Details (2023.20.4.1)  

Tesla's latest software update, version 2023.20.4.1, is being gradually released to Tesla users and although it may seem like a minor update, it brings several enhancements to improve the Tesla driving experience. One significant change is the ability to preview all nine cameras on board the Tesla vehicle. Previously, users could only preview the cabin camera, but with this update they can now view all nine surrounding cameras, providing owners with a comprehensive view of their vehicle's surroundings. Another improvement is the reinstatement of trip duration display in minutes for the current trip odometer. A previous update had removed this information, but now drivers can once again see how long they have been driving, providing a more relatable metric. Additionally, the update introduces new service mode menus that allow users to access details about the HVAC system, seat belt information, and more. These updates provide owners with additional information and control over their vehicle's functionalities.


Cybertruck Production Updates 

Tesla is continuing to make progress in delivering the highly anticipated Cybertruck to its 1.5 million reservation holders. According to recent reports, the company has shared production targets and prototype schedules with suppliers, instilling confidence that deliveries will start by the end of the third quarter in 2023. Tesla informed its suppliers with a plan to manufacture 375,000 Cybertruck units per year, a substantial increase compared to Musk's previous projection of approximately 250,000 units annually. Nevertheless, it should be emphasized that Tesla is not expected to achieve this production target until 2024, after scaling up its manufacturing capabilities. The first release candidates, which are near-final versions of the Cybertruck, are scheduled for August 2023, indicating progress toward mass production. Despite these updates, final specifications and pricing details will only be disclosed during the upcoming delivery event. Tesla's commitment to the Cybertruck program, with its production target and imminent release candidates, signals a promising entry into the electric pickup market, and the launch is anticipated to be a significant moment in automotive history.


FSD Beta 11.4.3 Rolls Out to the Public

Tesla has introduced FSD Beta 11.4.3, the latest update to its Full Self-Driving (FSD) suite, marking another significant step in its pursuit of redefining autonomous driving. Following initial testing by employees and select public testers, the update has grown substantially, now reaching approximately 29% of all beta users. FSD Beta 11.4.3 serves as a bugfix release, diligently addressing imperfections to deliver a refined and seamless driving environment. Although the release notes remain consistent with Beta 11.4.2, this update places particular emphasis on fine-tuning the driving experience. The eligibility for this update depends largely on the software version installed on the owner's vehicle. Those utilizing update 2023.7.10 (FSD Beta 10.4.2) are expected to receive this beta release. However, individuals on version 2023.12.10 (FSD Beta 11.3.6) must await an update on the 2023.12 branches or subsequent versions. Users are encouraged to check their Tesla app to see if they have been included in the latest wave.


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