Tesla's Supercharger Network Expands to Rivian, Ford, and GM EVs, Trip Planners New ‘Arrival Time’ Feature, ‘Pin to Drive’ App Update, and FSD Beta Continues Improvement in Latest Update

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Tesla's Supercharger Network Expands to Rivian, Ford, and GM EVs 

Tesla customers will soon notice the presence of other electric vehicles at their Supercharger stations. Through recent partnerships with Rivian, Ford, and GM, Tesla is opening up its Supercharger Network to the aforementioned manufacturers. Starting in 2024, drivers of Rivian, Ford, and GM EVs will be able to utilize Tesla's Supercharger Network alongside Tesla customers. However, while Tesla's Supercharger network boasts over 17,000 charging plugs, only around 12,000 of them will be accessible to non-Tesla owners. The collaboration with these manufacturers also means that a substantial portion of the upcoming national network of 500,000 EV chargers, backed by the Biden administration's $7.5 billion investment, is expected to comprise Tesla Superchargers. This integration offers Tesla drivers a more extensive charging infrastructure and further solidifies Tesla's leadership in the industry.


Trip Planners New ‘Arrival Time’ Feature  

The release notes for Tesla App Update 4.22 have surfaced and include two new features. Firstly, the Trip Planner feature no longer assumes an immediate departure and has been enhanced to allow users to select the start day and time for their trip. You also now have the option to enter your desired arrival time, and the app will calculate the best departure time, considering travel duration and charging stops, to ensure you reach your destination on time. Secondly, a new option has been added to reset the Tesla Profile. This feature is accessible through the Profile > Account > Tesla Profile menu. It is designed to address potential syncing issues or incorrect data stored in the profile.


‘Pin to Drive’ App Update 

Tesla's latest update, 2023.20.4.1, introduces the 'PIN to Drive' feature accessible through the Tesla app. This feature enhances vehicle security by allowing users to remotely set a four-digit PIN that must be entered before driving. It provides an extra layer of protection against theft if the key fob, key card, or phone is lost. Previously, it was inconvenient to enter the PIN every time one went for a drive. However, setting up PIN to Drive directly from the Tesla app offers the convenience of using it in rare instances of losing the phone or keys. Additionally, the update allows users to disable 'Passive Authentication,' which automatically unlocks the vehicle when the phone is nearby. To enable 'PIN to Drive,' users can access the feature directly from their Tesla car under 'Controls,' 'Safety & Security,' and 'PIN to Drive.' Alternatively, they can configure it through the Tesla app under 'Security & Drivers' and 'PIN to Drive.'


FSD Beta Continues Improvement in Latest Update

Tesla’s newest FSD Beta update v11.4.4 (2023.7.20) introduces noteworthy improvements to enhance the performance and safety of Tesla’s Full Self Driving. One key area of focus is short-deadline lane changes, where better modeling of target lane vehicles improves gap selection assertiveness, reducing the risk of veering off-route. The update also enhances control and handling around static obstacles, resulting in more stable positioning when navigating past stationary objects in the road. Interactions with oncoming cars on narrow, unmarked roads have been significantly improved as well. The car's prediction of oncoming car trajectories has been enhanced, allowing it to provide adequate room for safe passing before re-centering on the road. Overall, FSD Beta 11.4.4 (2023.7.20) enhances lane change capabilities, obstacle handling, and interactions with oncoming traffic. These improvements contribute to a safer and smoother driving experience for vehicles equipped with this version of the software.

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