Two Exciting New Features Coming Soon, New Cybertruck Features Showcased, Elon Hints at Significance of FSD Beta v12, and Recent Acquisition Further Hints at Wireless Charging

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Two Exciting New Features Coming Soon 

Elon Musk has provided a timeline for two exciting new Tesla features. In approximately three weeks, an improved auto wiper software called Auto Wiper v4 will be released. This update aims to enhance the user experience by using a surround video from all Tesla cameras to accurately respond to weather conditions, taking a more comprehensive approach to rain detection. Furthermore, a month or two after the auto wiper release, Tesla will introduce an upgraded version of Smart Summon called Actually Smart Summon (ASS). This feature will revolutionize how Tesla owners interact with their vehicles by allowing them to use GPS coordinates for the car to autonomously drive to their location. There's speculation that the enhanced Smart Summon might also include the Park Seek feature, which enables the Tesla to drop off occupants and park itself. These upcoming features are highly anticipated and set to redefine the Tesla experience.


New Cybertruck Features Showcased  

During the Petersen Automotive Museum's Electrified Cars & Coffee meet this past week, Tesla showcased its highly anticipated Cybertruck. The event revealed some exciting updates to the vehicle's interior and exterior. Attendees noticed ventilated seats and a refined fit and finish, suggesting a near-final production model. The truck's 'vault' bed featured design tweaks, including a slot that hinted at potential outlets. The charge port was relocated to the rear fender, and the NACS port featured a lighted Cybertruck logo. Another notable design detail was the front bumper camera with an overhead slot for cleaning. The ventilated seats and revamped 'vault' provide a glimpse of what future Cybertruck owners can expect, embodying Tesla's dedication to luxury, convenience, and sustainability. With Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen leading the design, more surprises may be in store as the Cybertruck approaches production.


Elon Hints at Significance of FSD Beta v12 

Elon Musk recently announced that Tesla's Full Self-Driving (FSD) software will graduate out of ‘beta’ with the release of Version 12. This marks a major milestone in the evolution of Tesla's autonomous driving technology. The FSD Beta software has undergone rapid development, starting from its initial rollout in 2020 and progressing through various iterations, with Version 11 being the latest release. Musk has previously hinted at the significance of upcoming release FSD Beta v11.420 and his comments suggest this could be a significant release, housing exciting new features akin to those rolled out in FSD Beta v10.69. As Tesla continues to refine and improve its FSD technology, Version 12 represents a major step forward, demonstrating Tesla's confidence in the maturity and reliability of its autonomous driving system. The much-anticipated v12 FSD could mark the transition of FSD Beta from a developmental stage to a full-blown release.


Recent Acquisition Further Hints at Wireless Charging

Tesla is rumored to be shaking up its charging game by acquiring Wiferion, a Freiburg-based startup renowned for its groundbreaking wireless charging systems. Tesla has already hinted at its pursuit of wireless charging technology during its Investor Day presentation a couple months ago, possibly through a docking station. With Wiferion's expertise in inductive charging systems for industrial applications, Tesla could unlock a new era of nearly instantaneous charging transitions, delivering impressive power outputs of up to 12 kilowatts. The acquisition of Wiferion not only positions Tesla as a leader in wireless charging but also grants them valuable insights into this cutting-edge technology. The potential for automating the charging process entirely is a tantalizing prospect for Tesla owners, where vehicles could autonomously determine when and how they need to be charged, eliminating the need for manual plugging. By embracing wireless charging, Tesla could ignite a wireless revolution that transcends electric vehicles and shapes the future of charging infrastructure. While we await an official statement from Tesla, the rumored acquisition of Wiferion suggests an exciting path forward, energizing Tesla's charging infrastructure and fueling their relentless pursuit of innovation.

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