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Wave goodbye to smudges, fingertips, and microfiber cloth headaches. Proleep brings you a center console ABS protector for first generation Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y. This cover kit boasts a clean matte finish, effortless setup process, and unmatched ruggedness thanks to the ABS material.

The Console Cover is an absolute game changer. It sets your car apart, without the obvious "add on" look, keeping the center console in line with the overall aesthetic.

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Only compatible with the first generation of the Tesla Model 3 & Y.

We recommend checking our guide on how to distinguish Tesla Model 3/Y first generation from the second generation if you are still having doubts on how to distinguish them.

If you are looking for the Console Wrap for the Tesla Model 3/Y's second generation check the Console Wrap Gen 2.

Q: What's the difference between this and a conventional vinyl wrap?

A: A regular vinyl wrap installation is a true nightmare if you don't have experience of installing vinyl. It can leave your center console full of air bubbles and wrinkles while offering no protection. The Console ABS Cover Gen 1 is a hard and durable plastic cover that will stick (with 3M Adhesive) to your original center console effortlessly.

Q: If I decide to take the Console ABS Cover off, will it damage the stock center console?

A: No it won't. Our Console ABS Cover Gen 1 uses regular 3M Adhesive and can be easily removed without damaging your stock piano black console.

Q: Can I swap colors of my Console ABS Cover whenever I want?

A: Of course! You can remove the Console ABS Cover Gen 1 and change it to a different one whenever you want.

Q: Is this compatible with Tesla Model Y?

A: Yes, this Console ABS Cover Gen 1 is compatible with Tesla Model Y.

Q: Is this compatible with the new 2021 Tesla Model 3?

A: No, this Console ABS Cover Gen 1 is not compatible with the new 2021 Tesla Model 3.

Fall in love with your Tesla again

Banish the hassle & keep the interior design exciting

The center console of the Tesla Model 3 & Y comes in piano black. And while it looks good at first sight, it's quite prone to all sorts of problems. From fingerprints, smudges, to streaks, and scratches that ruin your Tesla interior's flair.

Proleep's Console Covers step in to solve the drawbacks of the original glossy black. Boasting a clean matte finish and sturdy ABS construction, they prevent fingerprints and dust, and elevate your Tesla's interior aesthetic to new heights.


Dust-proof & Fingerprint-resistant

The ABS cover shields the original black piano "fingerprint magnet" under a soft leather-like matte layer. It accentuates your Tesla's interior design and keeps the glossy black out of sight, out of mind, for a smoother, more enjoyable ride.

Upgrades Your Tesla's Interior

The thick, matte cover add a transitional, flowing feel to your interior. It sits effortlessly on your center console and blends in with the rest of the design. Granting your Tesla, a cost-effective, unmatched, elegant look.


Easy Setup, Easy Removal

Not only does the ABS material give the cover unmatched durability, but it also offers you a seamless and trace-free removal process. Easy come, easy go. Just follow the video instructions below.

Installation & Removal

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